Global Leadership for Impact at Scale

In the past year, PCI's proven solutions and innovative approaches have earned us an increasingly important role on the world's stage

In the past year, PCI's proven solutions and innovative approaches have earned us an increasingly important role on the world's stage. We take pride in the ever more impactful way we are contributing to meaningful, measurable change in people's lives in vulnerable communities across Asia, Africa and the Americas. We know that we cannot do this work alone, so we partner with some of the best in the business to share ideas, offer lessons learned, and grow together toward a shared vision of healthy, resilient individuals, families and communities. As experts in community-led development, PCI works closely with partners and supporters to ensure our approaches can be scaled for maximum sustainable impact.

This year, the Government of Guatemala's National Institute for Municipal Development announced a groundbreaking agreement to bring PCI's innovative approach to building resilient communities to neighborhoods across the country. This agreement will make more than $100 million available to interested municipalities to upgrade urban areas using the Neighborhood Approach, a pioneering strategy PCI first developed and implemented with support from the U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In 2019, PCI's experts offered lessons learned from our approach to colleagues and partners across the global development community.

PCI also led innovative, integrated solutions to tackle the dramatic challenges around premature birth - the leading cause of death globally for newborns and children under five. Using a research-driven, analytic approach, PCI led Every Preemie-SCALE, a five-year program designed to catalyze global and national conversations around this complicated health issue. Working with partners, Every Preemie developed a range of catalytic products, including technical briefs to improve newborn health and well-being by providing stakeholders with evidence-based information regarding safe and effective inpatient newborn care in low-resource settings.

PCI's leadership on preterm birth also led to the revision of a global charter on respectful maternity care, which was expanded to cover the rights of newborns, too.

For almost a decade, PCI has been working to layer social mobilization for health and nutrition outcomes within what is now almost a million self-help groups and related community institutions in Bihar, India. With 12 women per SHG and their families, this now represents almost 60% of the rural population of Bihar, the third largest state in India. Based on the positive results shown by several external evaluators-particularly related to complementary feeding of children, a historically difficult indicator to improve-PCI has been provided with additional opportunities to adapt and expand its model with several other states in India, including the largest state, Uttar Pradesh. Combining the economic and social empowerment of women with health and nutrition behavior change has caught the attention of the national government and thus an opportunity for even greater influence at significant scale is within our grasp.

Here at home, PCI shared our global lessons with communities across the United States. In addition to convening international leaders in our own backyard of San Diego, PCI's President and CEO, Carrie Hessler-Radelet, spoke to community groups, students, CEOs, professionals and experts in cities from Colorado to Michigan and Florida to Delaware. Our gender and empowerment specialists participated in several leading global conferences, while in East Africa, PCI teams shared our innovative approaches to food and nutrition security and resilience in the face of climate change with U.S. and local government officials.

PCI is an increasingly important part of a community working together to build a brighter future. Our leadership means bringing proven innovations to scale, to achieve even greater lasting impact, step by step.