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2015 Vitas Group Annual Report

Published 04/11/2016 by Global Communities

2015 Vitas Group Annual Report

Vitas Group was created in 2006 to help unite the commercially-oriented microfinance institutions owned by Global Communities under one brand and one mission: Financing a Better World.

While there were many things about 2015 that did not feel ‘better’ than years past, Vitas Group staff around the world still worked tirelessly to bring that mission to life. Vitas is proud to share this 2015 Annual Report, to showcase the ways our work has a positive social and financial impact on communities around the world. Despite turmoil and uncertainty in many of the places where we work, Vitas remains a partner for good.

In the past year the Vitas Group has:

Grown their portfolio by 29%

Served over 19,000 women borrowers

Helped sustain 37,000 full and part-time jobs

Supported child psychiatrists in Romania, nursing homes in Jordan, daycares in Lebanon, orphanages in Palestine and deaf and mute children in Iraq

Invested nearly $100,000 through charities, sponsorships and events, to stay engaged with their communities beyond lending
Read the full report here.