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Fostering Resilience in the Middle East: A People Centered Approach to Risk Reduction

Published 08/02/2016 by Global Communities

Fostering Resilience in the Middle East: A People Centered  Approach to Risk Reduction

The seamless integration of disaster risk reduction into overall business planning means that, when disaster does strike, the company is well prepared to manage the impact and respond quickly. All of this helps fulfill Global Communities’ mission to build safer, more resilient communities.

The following report explores three innovative approaches used by Vitas Group and Global Communities to successfully grow the financial inclusion sector in the Middle East over the last 20 years, despite the region’s persistent political and economic instability:

the development of community- and people-focused disaster management planning in Iraq;

a relentless focus on customer relationships to support business continuity in Palestine;

and the use of long-term funding with political risk insurance to address capital constraints during times of instability in Lebanon.
Read the full report here.