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Project Launched for Youth Leadership in Honduras

Published 10/05/2016 by Global Communities

Taking the lessons learned from Youth Local Councils in the West Bank, Global Communities expanded the program in Honduras. This initiative was launched on September 16 and 21 in two municipalities: Tela and La Ceiba on the north coast of the country.

This pilot project will bring together young people aged 15-25 to promote their active participation in local development, in partnership with government municipalities and civil society organizations.
The Youth Local Councils will be democratically elected by youth in order to motivate more young people to get involved in good governance practices and support initiatives to voice their demands and exercise their rights.
The project named “One Good Idea” was launched by the Country Representative for Global Communities in Honduras, Eva Karina Mejía, with participation from municipal representatives, youth and delegates from civil society organizations.

The experiences and lessons shared from this project will significantly contribute to identification and implementation of best practices for youth leadership in other countries and communities in Honduras.