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Vitas Group Annual Report 2014

Published 03/31/2015 by Global Communities

Vitas Group Annual Report 2014
Vitas Group (“Vitas”) is a Global Communities enterprise established in 2006 to hold the assets of Global Communities’ commercially-oriented microfinance institutions. Today, Vitas Group is a family of microfinance institutions that reflect the culmination of two decades’ worth of microfinance experience in many different geographic and political environments. Over the last three years in particular, Vitas has brought together the best of Global Communities’ microfinance subsidiaries and established a common set of standards, procedures, values and principles that today make up the Vitas brand. Through our operations in Romania, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, we have worked hard to bring to life our mission of Financing a Better World.
This report highlights the ways in which we have delivered on our brand promises over the past year, and the positive impact this has had our social and financial returns.
Please click below to view the Vitas Group 2014 Annual Report.