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Celebrating the Life of Dr. Bill McQuinn

Published 10/19/2016 by Global Communities

Dr. Bill McQuinn and his wife, Janie, were among the earliest and most loved members of the PCI family.

After hearing PCI’s founder speak at the McQuinn’s church in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1974, Bill and Janine became involved with PCI’s work. For more than 40 years, they dedicated their time, resources and service to ensure PCI continued to make a positive impact around the world.

Bill served as Walk Director for the Jackson Walk for Mankind, which continued annually through 1992. He also began his service on PCI’s Board of Directors in 1975, serving as Board chair in 1983. He and Janie traveled to Liberia, Senegal and Gambia, seeing the full range of PCI’s programs, and continued on the PCI board until a year ago.

Sadly, Bill passed away this week. But today we celebrate his life and dedication to lift vulnerable communities out of poverty.

Upon hearing the news of his passing, PCI’s President and CEO, George Guimaraes, wrote the following tribute:

“Bill fully understood and embraced PCI’s philosophy. In a PCI volunteer spotlight, Bill once shared, ‘You can’t really understand the need of the people until you see it first-hand. Once you do, you’re changed forever.’ He added, ‘On my trip and in many trips after that, I was able to better comprehend the range and scope of sustainable development that is the strong focus of PCI’s programming, how it engages our beneficiaries to discover answers for themselves and chart their own course to a life without poverty.’ Finally, Bill shared, ‘Project Concern International has added to my life ten-fold, and through this time, I have been grateful for the years of involvement with this vital organization.’

He, too, is an inspiration for us all and we will remember him for his big heart and his belief in our organization.”