Richard Shumann

Senior Director, Development Finance

Richard Shumann joined Global Communities in 2005 as a Technical Officer and is now Senior Director for Development Finance Operations, supporting financial inclusion work and liaising with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation. He also serves as Chief Risk Officer for the Vitas Group, where he manages and monitors financial, market, and strategic risks for the parent company and its lending subsidiaries. He also is the Board Chair of Vitas Palestine.

Richard brings 25 years of experience in strengthening companies to better serve low-income clients, especially with financial inclusion. His skills include credit policy, governance, internal audit systems, risk management, and negotiating with lenders. His career began with serving in the Peace Corps in Guinea, and he has lived and worked in Mozambique, Angola, and Burundi. He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and has a solid command of Portuguese.

He has a bachelor’s in Economics from Macalester College, a General Course Certificate from the London School of Economics, and a master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University. He is also a Certified Expert in Risk Management – Microfinance from the Frankfurt School. Richard lives outside of Washington, DC, with his spouse, two children, and two cats.