For over 25 years, Well Baby Clinics supported by PCI and trained community leaders have promoted the healthy development of families and children living in Tijuana's most vulnerable and difficult to access communities. Services include life-saving immunizations, growth monitoring for children, nutrition and disease prevention counseling, and referrals to primary and specialty health care professionals. Critical to the success of the program is a local network of volunteer community outreach workers trained by PCI.

Over a decade ago, PCI joined forces with Sempra Energy to launch a mobile health clinic that extends the program's reach to additional families in need. Today, the mobile clinic travels to 10 different neighborhoods each week and provides quality outreach, health education and preventive medical services through house visits and community fairs.

In 2019, Well Baby Clinics provided immunizations, growth monitoring, health education, evaluation and referrals to 1,033 children 9 years old and under and 611 children 10 years old and up. Additionally, staff conducted 534 counseling sessions with caregivers on nutrition, disease prevention and children's health.

Photos by PCI staff

"There are many beautiful stories in our line of work because we help many people, but the most impactful work we do is our support of children through weight monitoring check-ups, which help ensure that they are being properly nourished, and through vaccinations that prevent diseases. … The help I provide as a health promoter keeps me active in my community. I am grateful that PCI came to my community."

- María del Refugio Estévez, Health Promoter, Tijuana, Mexico