Global Communities' 2022 Annual Report


Advancing Locally-Led Solutions

At Global Communities, we understand that the challenges communities face globally are complex and require tailor-made solutions that center the voices of the communities in which we work. We are dedicated to promoting the localization of our work through a range of models.

In 2022, we helped establish local non-governmental organizations in Zambia and India, partnered with a network of organizations and operated independent subsidiaries throughout the Middle East, and led capacity strengthening programming in Brazil and Argentina.

We believe in investing in fresh ideas and local organizations, collaborating with private sector partners and innovative funding models, and taking bold steps to approach our work with a progressive vision for change. As the landscape of our sector continues to evolve, Global Communities will lead the way, with a resolute focus on elevating local voices and prioritizing assistance and technical support for sustainable solutions that are community driven.




Sri Lanka




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Triple Nexus

A Hamer women attending women saving groups meeting in Hamer Woreda, South Omo Zone, SNNPR region, Ethiopia.

Global Communities believes meaningful solutions lie at the intersections that link humanitarian, development and peace-building programs – also known as the triple nexus. Our unique expertise allows us to leverage learnings for integrated programs and respond to rapidly changing circumstances.

Innovation & Technology

Kitabo Wele, 25, Afriscout promoter, discusses about the use of Afriscout application with a pastorialists Muda Gela, 66,  Andulsha Kefa, 45 and Kole Kilkila, 53 (right to left) in Hamer Woreda, South Omo zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia.

Global Communities embeds innovation at every level of our programming, creating space for digital solutions and agile approaches that can blaze a trail to new thinking and a more just and equitable world.