Annual Report 2023


Bona Berima and Gadi Bonku are members of women saving group in Hamer woreda, South Omo, Snnpr, Ethiopia.
Advancing inclusive development & equitable growth
Bona Berima and Gadi Bonku are members of women saving group in Hamer woreda, South Omo, Snnpr, Ethiopia.


We respect the dignity and humanity of every individual and are committed to equity, inclusion and justice in everything we do.


We are transparent when we make mistakes, trust the wisdom of the communities we serve and seek to preserve the natural environment.


We are curious, seek to innovate and embrace a spirit of experimentation.


We consistently hold ourselves and each other to delivering excellence and to the highest professional and ethical standards.


We actively collaborate with all our stakeholders to improve understanding of complex issues and catalyze lasting change.

What We Do
Mission & Vision
Members of women saving group, attends a meeting with other women saving groups and Global Communities staffs in Hamer Woreda, South Omo Zone, SNNPR region, Ethiopia.

From climate change and cross-border conflicts to the growing inequities left behind by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world faced multiple and complex challenges in 2023. Drawing from over seven decades of learnings, Global Communities partnered with local leaders, governments, civil society and the private sector to face these problems directly with compassion, innovation and an eye toward lasting, locally-powered impact. Across five continents, in nearly 30 countries and alongside thousands of communities, we helped to create meaningful and measurable change in service to our vision of a more just, prosperous and equitable world.


Letters from our leadership

Board Chair
President & CEO

Dear friends,

Looking back on 2023, I am filled with gratitude and pride for the extraordinary strides we have made under the leadership of our CEO, Carrie Hessler-Radelet, in her first full year at the helm. Carrie's leadership has not only steered us through complex challenges but has also laid a robust foundation for Global Communities’ future, marking a year of significant growth and strategic development.

Last year, we took decisive steps to operationalize our Strategic Vision for 2030, aligning our actions with our vision of a more just, prosperous and equitable global community. This vision, now set into motion, embodies our commitment to not only dream of a better world but to actively forge it through our concerted efforts every day.

Our achievements in localization in 2023 highlight our dedication to enhancing our leadership and ensuring our initiatives are deeply interconnected with the communities we serve. These steps forward in our organizational structure and strategy are crucial as we navigate the complexities of our mission in nearly 30 countries.

At the heart of Global Communities is the mission to bridge the divide between traditional humanitarian assistance and sustainable development. This past year has showcased our adaptability and resilience, responding swiftly to the dynamic needs of communities affected by conflicts and crisis such as Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Türkiye. Our capacity to innovate, pivot and implement community-driven solutions stands as a testament to the collective strength and diversity of our global team.

Carrie's inaugural year as CEO has invigorated our shared commitment to advancing equity, saving lives and securing strong futures globally. Her leadership inspires us to transcend boundaries, innovate and deepen our impact worldwide.

As we move forward, I know we will continue to harness our collective expertise, draw upon local ingenuity and global insights, and stay true to the communities at the core of our work. Together we are not just responding to the challenges of today but actively shaping the future we all believe in.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being an integral part of our global community. Here's to continuing our impactful journey together.

With deepest appreciation,

John Potter signature

John Potter
Chair, Board of Trustees


Where we worked in 2023











The Americas







United States

Europe & Asia





Sri Lanka


Middle East






West Bank & Gaza*


*In these countries, Global Communities lends to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises to increase financial inclusion and create jobs under our for-profit subsidiary, Vitas Group.

Our Work

Shining the spotlight on regional achievements


Building on more than three decades of experience in Africa, we partnered with communities across nine countries in 2023 to expand access to healthy school meals, aid pastoralists through one of the longest and most severe droughts in history, and drive health transformation through community-led strategies and systems strengthening. We also supported women’s savings groups and young worker cooperatives to lay the groundwork for more equitable economic growth.

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The Americas

In 2023, Global Communities partnered directly with local leaders, governments, schools, businesses and civil society organizations to catalyze sustainable and positive change, improving the lives and livelihoods of people in seven countries across the Americas. Whether working with birthing families in California or farmers in Central America, we prioritized breaking down barriers to care, resources and essential interventions that give everyone the chance to thrive.

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The Americas

Europe & Asia

In 2023, Global Communities worked in six countries in Europe and Asia, connecting young people, women and other marginalized groups with economic opportunities and tools to lift their own voices, lead their communities and secure healthier, more prosperous futures. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued into its second year, Global Communities also remained committed to increasing the safety and well-being of those who have been displaced or affected by the war.

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Europe & Asia

Middle East

Global Communities has leveraged decades of learnings across the Middle East to respond to the most pressing humanitarian needs caused by conflict and crises. Despite myriad challenges, our teams and local partners worked with steadfast dedication to provide lifesaving emergency relief to individuals and families, while also helping businesses, communities and local governments heal, rebuild and plan for a sustainable recovery.

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Middle East


Fiscal Year 2023 At A Glance









Year End Operating Results*



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For the periods ending: Sept. 30, 2023 & Sept. 30, 2022

Revenue, Expenses, Year End Operating Results and Net Assets are presented in Millions.

FY23 Sources of Revenue

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Catalyzing lasting change as partners for good

Our success in driving positive, lasting change in nearly 30 countries would not be possible without investment and collaboration from a variety of individuals, foundations, corporations, governments and other groups and organizations across the public and private sectors. Learn more about the generosity of three supporters who were instrumental to our impact in 2023.

Corteva Agriscience logo

Corteva Agriscience is an agricultural technology company focused on bringing value to farmers around the world so they can increase agricultural production, produce nutritious and healthy food, and drive sustainability on their farms and in the world's food systems.

In Brazil, we’ve seen firsthand how Corteva is creating innovations that enable farmers to produce more with less while safeguarding the long-term sustainability of their fields for future generations. Today, one in three people in the country experiences moderate or severe food insecurity, according to the World Bank. In Northeastern Brazil, where Global Communities works, rising temperatures and shorter rainy seasons have dried the soil and reduced the farming season to just two to three months.

To help promote sustainable agriculture, empower rural producers and strengthen the corn production chain, Global Communities partnered with Corteva, Yara International, Massey Ferguson and other local companies on Prospera, a project that provides local farmers with hands-on training on climate-optimized corn seed, fertilizer use, application of crop-protection products, and climate-positive agriculture products. Through Prospera, small family farmers have been able to increase their yields from 15 bags/ha to 130 bags/ha. This increase in productivity means they can feed their families and their livestock, then sell the surplus grain in local markets where demand for corn is very high. In this way, program participants not only increase their food security and resilience but also increase their income by an average of about 30%. The program aims to reach 50,000 farmers by 2025.

Andy Achterkirchen

Andy Achterkirchen, a long-standing supporter of Global Communities, epitomizes philanthropy and community engagement. His journey began when he discovered Global Communities' mission while interacting with a staff member at a local event. This encounter sparked a commitment that has endured for decades. Involved with over 30 charitable organizations, Andy enjoys sharing his expertise by serving on boards and committees and providing financial support to initiatives addressing diverse community needs.

Andy started his career as an accomplished engineer in 1966, specializing in communication systems for spacecraft and aircraft. Now retired, Andy devotes his time to tutoring at the Preuss School and Barrio Logan College Institute in San Diego. He assists students in their college preparations, witnessing firsthand the transformative impact on their lives. His dedication to positive change extends to supporting causes aligned with advancing equality and social justice.

Andy’s passion for exploration is matched by his commitment to making a difference locally and abroad. As a passionate traveler conversant in Spanish, he has visited 40 countries, immersing himself in diverse cultures and histories during his expeditions across the globe.

He is a beacon of philanthropy, and his generous contributions to Global Communities and beyond resonate with the spirit of global citizenship


John Deere Argentina

For the past 75 years, the John Deere Foundation has been tackling some of humanity's greatest challenges by supporting the people and organizations that provide the food, fiber, fuel and infrastructure that sustain our world. And for over a decade, they’ve been supporting Global Communities.

Around the world, John Deere is helping farmers increase their agricultural production, supporting food banks to create access to nutrition, and giving to organizations like ours that provide food and shelter to communities in times of crisis. They're investing in education as the most powerful tool in the fight against poverty, and they're ensuring that employees have the time and resources to give back to their communities. In 2023 alone, John Deere employees contributed 261,214 volunteer service hours.

Many of those volunteer hours occurred in Brazil and Argentina, where Global Communities supports John Deere volunteers in Sowing Futures, a community-driven program focused on enhancing access to supplemental meals, providing quality education, fostering climate resilience, creating safe spaces for community cohesion, facilitating income generation and employment opportunities, and offering impactful mentoring programs for youth. To date, Sowing Futures has reached more than 121,000 people in Brazil and Argentina.

“Global Communities is an important organization to the John Deere Foundation,” says Laura Eberlin, Manager of Global Citizenship and Vice President of the John Deere Foundation. “They have been able to go into rural areas very important to us and connect the community to social structures needed for advancement. They do this with a very community-minded and people centric vision for a sustainable and strong future.”


Board of Directors

Carrie Hessler-Radelet

President & CEO, Ex-Officio Board Member

John Potter


John Duong

Vice Chair

Joseph Abbate


Hillary Thomas-Lake


Lawrence Weitzen

Executive Committee Member

Erin Barringer

Executive Committee Member

Richard Celeste

Trustee (also served as Co-chair until Sept. 2023)

Rudy Cline-Thomas


John Holdsclaw IV


Karen Paterson


Nancy Plaxico


Leocadia Zak


Claudine Emeott

Trustee until Dec. 2023

William Lane

Trustee until Sept. 2023

William Rhodes

Trustee until March 2023
Anbele Yoluka, a pastoralist woman transitioning out of traditional pastoralism poses at commercial fodder (green grass) production site in South Omo zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia. The fodder production serves as a viable livelihood diversification and business

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Across five continents, in nearly 30 countries and alongside thousands of communities, we helped to create meaningful and measurable change in 2023. Explore highlights of our collaborative efforts to address complex challenges around the world by downloading a PDF version of our annual report.


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