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As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued into its second year, Global Communities remained committed to increasing the safety and well-being of the millions who have been displaced or affected by the war. By layering life-saving humanitarian interventions with long-term development assistance, our projects focused on working with Ukrainian communities to respond to the immediate crisis, set the stage for post-war reconstruction and foster lasting resilience to shocks and stresses.

Global Communities’ longstanding local capacity building project continued to receive accolades in 2023. Through the Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency (DOBRE) program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), we provided emergency procurements to partner communities affected by the conflict but also returned to pre-war programming focused on service delivery improvement, youth & civic engagement, local economic development and financial management. Notably, the Ministry of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development requested DOBRE’s Financial Management Team to work with territorial communities in developing Comprehensive Community Recovery Programs. This methodology, through which local governments administer local restoration, was praised by the Ministry and set up for expansion beyond DOBRE.

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I feel like another person, so inspired by what I do together with these children, as if I am healing on my own.


Community kitchen volunteer

It seemed to us that we had the desire and resources to help others, but it turned out that humanitarian response is a highly complicated activity. ... If we didn’t receive CLEAR’s support, we would have made many mistakes.


CLEAR partner and Chernihiv European CSO member

When there, I feel like I’m in the right place. I know what I’m doing, and I can see my work help.


PEARL grant recipient and director of physical rehabilitation office

In the spring of 2023, Global Communities recognized a widespread need for Early Recovery and Market Systems programming and initiated the Piloting Early Recovery and Livelihoods Assistance (PEARL) project through our own Strategic Investment Fund. Over the course of nine months, PEARL collected applications from Chernihiv- and Chernivtsi-based small businesses and summarily awarded microgrants within increments of $5,000, $12,000 and $25,000. Examples of awardees included a pizzeria for children, organic farm, and leather goods workshop (among others). PEARL staff also provided technical assistance, as necessary, and linked all awardees into DOBRE’s network of Local Economic Development beneficiaries, thus allowing for future participation in workshops and general knowledge sharing.

Throughout 2023, Global Communities partnered with USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) to implement the Community-Led Emergency Action and Response (CLEAR) program. Under CLEAR, we leveraged our local network of civil society organizations (CSOs) to address urgent and emerging needs in shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and protection in conflict-affected regions of Ukraine. In an assessment of CLEAR’s localization approach, each of the program’s 13 partner CSOs increased their organizational capacity by 17% (on average) and increased their humanitarian project management capacity by 32% (on average).

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We have to give people something here, something to return to… give them jobs, good jobs.


PEARL grant recipient and founder of MAGOLD sewing factory

Such a project means both new jobs and newly cultivated land, [our] own ecologically clean berry, and the promotion of our community.


DOBRE program participant and head of Pyadytska community

The program culminated in January 2024, and Global Communities immediately received a follow-on award to implement CLEAR2. Notably, due to the success of our PEARL project, CLEAR2 added an Early Recovery and Market Systems element to its programming in addition to protection, shelter and WASH activities.

Notable Numbers

Total value of emergency procurements provided to 67 territorial communities in 9 oblasts of Ukraine, including excavators, water cisterns and generators

Total value of microgrants issued to 43 Ukrainian small businesses; Of the small business owners who received funding, 13% are women, 12% are internally displaced people, and 11% are veterans or from a veteran household.

Number of people who received CLEAR support or services in all or multiple sectors, including protection, WASH and shelter