Our Mission

Global Communities brings together local ingenuity and global insights to save lives, advance equity and secure strong futures.

We achieve this mission in collaboration with a wide range of public and private sector partners, including communities directly affected by poverty, disasters and conflict.

Our Vision

A more just, prosperous, and equitable global community.

Global Communities envisions a world of expanded opportunity, where crises give way to resilience and all people thrive. We work to build this better world with a spirit of constant innovation and a commitment to confront historic barriers to dignity, equity and inclusion.

two smiling girls

Our Values

We respect the dignity and humanity of every individual and are committed to equity, inclusion, and justice in everything we do.

We consistently hold ourselves and each other to delivering excellence and to the highest professional and ethical standards.

We are transparent when we make mistakes, trust the wisdom of the communities we serve and seek to preserve the natural environment.

We are curious, seek to innovate, and embrace a spirit of experimentation.

We actively collaborate with all our stakeholders to improve understanding of complex issues and catalyze lasting change.

Our Community Commitments

To treat colleagues with kindness and respect that accords each person with dignity

To honor each person in their uniqueness, including gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, and disability

To commit to honest and transparent communication and trust others to do the same

To foster collaborative relationships through curiosity, active listening, empathy and valuing all voices

To uphold our Values and Code of Conduct and trust colleagues share these commitments

Standards of Conduct

Global Communities believes we can only achieve our bold mission to save lives, advance equity, and secure strong futures if we uphold the highest of ethical standards, conduct and behavior. We are accountable to our partners, funders and program participants and in the spirit of transparency, invite all to review the Standards of Conduct that apply to our employees, Board members, consultants and interns worldwide. Our Standards of Conduct are available in seven languages. To report wrongdoing, please contact [email protected].

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding is an organization-wide responsibility to ensure that our people, programs, and practices respect the rights and dignity of the people with whom Global Communities comes in contact so that they can live free from abuse and harm. Safeguarding includes preventing sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment (PSEAH), safeguarding children, anti-trafficking, sexual harassment in the workplace, bullying, and discrimination.