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Argentina faced a brutal year in 2023, with inflation exceeding 211% and nearly 42% of the population struggling to make ends meet each day. To address the reality on the ground, Global Communities focused on equipping grassroots leaders and organizations with the skills and resources needed to drive positive change where they live and work.

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"The kids show us so much love, and it does me good to see their faces light up when they get here and see the snack waiting for them."


Community kitchen volunteer

Since 2018, we have partnered with the John Deere Foundation to implement the Sowing Futures (Sembrando Futuros) program. The goal is to improve vulnerable communities near John Deere factories by engaging young people and collaborating with local institutions on social development projects of their own design.

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"I realized that this act of afforestation that I was a part of was going to be something that future generations in my city were going to enjoy."


John Deere employee and volunteer

In 2023 alone, Sowing Futures and its partners helped improve the lives, schools and neighborhoods of more than 11,000 people in Granadero Baigorria and Las Rosas. While activities ranged from urban reforestation and substance abuse prevention to college and career readiness, one project of note was the establishment of community kitchens in sports clubs managed by specially trained civilian volunteers.

Notable Numbers

Food rations delivered to 2,460 children and young people


Volunteer hours served by 1,224 corporate and community volunteers supporting 6 communities in the region

People who benefited from Sowing Futures projects


Young people who participated in Sowing Futures activities

Private and public partnerships formed