Photo by ITU/Trans.Lieu

In Kenya, more than 7 million pastoralists face ongoing threats to their livelihoods and livestock because of severe drought and climate change. To help these nomadic shepherds see their ancestral lands and practices from a new vantage point, PCI launched a mobile app-based service called AfriScout. This "Shepherd's Eye in the Sky" guides pastoralists to green pastures and water for their animals using the power of satellite and mobile technology. By downloading localized grazing maps in real time, AfriScout users can make more accurate and cost-effective migration decisions. They can also use the app to share peer-to-peer alerts about predators, animal diseases, conflicts and restricted grazing areas. Since AfriScout's public launch in February 2018, more than 4,900 people have registered for the app in Kenya.

"The AfriScout app has really improved our lives as pastoralists, and the mobile technology has really made a big change in the pastoralist's world."
- Henry Sales Wambile, Kenyan pastoralist

To see AfriScout in action, check out this story from Al Jazeera that follows one pastoralist as he uses the app to find pasture for his herd.