Meeting Humanitarian Needs & Fostering Resilience in Conflict, Crisis & Disaster

Global Communities works in complex environments affected by natural disasters, conflict, or both and prioritizes partnering with affected communities to identify and address urgent needs. We take a holistic and resilience-focused approach to humanitarian action and provide fit for purpose responses based on community needs, capabilities and the operating context.

Our assistance focuses on restarting livelihoods, increasing access to financial services, rebuilding homes and neighborhoods, and providing psychosocial support to help individuals, families and communities recover from the trauma of disaster and conflict.

Protection is at the heart of our humanitarian assistance programs, and through mainstreaming protection and direct service delivery, we ensure that lifesaving responses are grounded in the principle of Do No Harm.

4.4 million

people supported across 3,200+ communities to direct their own livelihoods in 2020


Preventing, Mitigating and Responding to Exploitation and Harm

Emergency Response

Global Communities delivers lifesaving support across a variety of contexts, including food security and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), shelter and non-food assistance, and early recovery. We work to link complementary interventions to provide a holistic response and foster sustainable recovery.

  • Food Security & Nutrition
  • Emergency WASH
  • Shelter & Settlements

Building Resilience

Global Communities’ resilience-focused approach to humanitarian action includes working with communities to restart livelihoods, increase access to financial services, rebuild homes and neighborhoods and support recovery from the trauma of disaster and conflict.

  • Food Security & Agricultural Livelihoods
  • Early Recovery & Market Systems
  • Disaster Risk Reduction & Response


Protecting the most vulnerable, particularly women and children, is a critical component of humanitarian assistance. Global Communities’ protection programs mitigate the risks of violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect of those affected by conflict or disaster, including refugees and internally displaced persons.

  • Child Protection
  • Women & Girls
  • Community-Based Protection
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The world's most complex development challenges require interconnected, comprehensive solutions. Without regard for borders or categories, Global Communities looks across our decades of learnings to surface insights and innovations that shape new approaches to meet these urgent challenges head-on and advance our vision of more equitable development and more inclusive growth.