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Moving from recovery to growth in the Middle East

Global Communities works at the intersection of humanitarian assistance, sustainable development and financial inclusion, and has leveraged decades of learnings across the Middle East to respond to urgent needs caused by conflict and crises, as well as to build long-term stability by strengthening financial systems and supporting entrepreneurs as they grow the economy and create jobs.


Latest stories from the blog

Finding a Safe Space in Syria: Hamida’s Story

For more than half of her life, Hamida has been exposed to the trauma, violence and instability of war. The 20-year-old, whose name has been …

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Reflecting on USAID YouthPower Jordan’s Long-Lasting Impact 

By: Carrie Hessler-Radelet, President of Global Communities We at Global Communities believe that today’s youth should not have to wait to become leaders, because they …

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Al-Mahfad Water Supply Enhancement Project

Solar-Powered Pumping System Brings Clean Water to Community in Yemen

Yemen’s ongoing conflict had pushed the community of Al-Mahfad to undertake extreme measures to deal with water shortage. Residents were given access to water only …

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Reflections on Programming Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

 The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact communities beyond what many thought would be a few weeks of quarantine. As we recognize the second anniversary …

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