Photo courtesy of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

PCI partnered with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation to provide technical and evaluation support on the Sustainable Technology Adaptation for Mali's Pastoralists (STAMP) project. The project created a call center for pastoralists in the Gao and Menaka regions of Mali to obtain information on grazing grounds, water sources, market prices and other key information to help them make better decisions.

"The service is very useful to us. … We used to move with donkeys looking for pastures. Today, we simply make a call to get access to all information needed."
- Zourkoufouly Younnousse, pastoralist

The final evaluation, conducted by PCI, found that among those who reported using the call center, an overwhelming majority foundit valuable. A total of 97.6% of users felt that the service was accurate or very precise. About 95% thought it easy or very easy to use, 91.2% made different decisions because of the information received, and 98% found the service useful. Call center users were found to have 10.8% more productivity from their herds compared to those who did not use the call center, translating to about $178 in increased herd value.

*PCI works through local partners in this country.