Photo by Summer Williams

Drug trafficking and related criminal activity are deteriorating communities in under-governed areas of Nicaragua's Caribbean coastal region. With funding from the U.S. Department of State, PCI's "POSsibilities" (Peace, Opportunity, Security) project is working to empower concerned citizens to take back their communities. In 2018, PCI graduated 46 Community Security Committees from the project. These committees - made up of traditional leaders, women and youth - secure donations from small businesses and other local sources in support of initiatives that enhance citizen security, such as the formation of community watch groups, the installation of street lights in unsafe areas, and the organization of recreational activities and other positive alternatives to drugs and alcohol for at-risk youth.

"I learned to work with the people in my neighborhood, and I'm convinced that we as business owners need to continue giving our contributions to turn our neighborhood into a safer and nicer place to live."
- Apolinar Chavarría, small business owner in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua