Global Communities implements evidence-based interventions to address stress, trauma and violence, and to create pathways for youth to use their voices to positively affect government policies and services. Our programming ensures that youth have a voice, choice and leadership. We have partnered with youth in more than 15 countries on projects that offer opportunities for employment, better health, obtaining an education, reducing conflict and gaining leadership skills.

By implementing youth-focused programs in economic development, health, conflict mitigation, gender-based violence prevention and civic engagement, Global Communities enables youth to reach greater potential and secure a healthier, more sustainable future. Our programs for adolescent girls and young women engage families, educators, and communities to build a safe and supportive environment and provide opportunities for girls to acquire the critical skills and knowledge they need to thrive now and into adulthood.


Empowered Youth

Global Communities presents opportunities for youth to play a meaningful role in activity design and implementation, offering them access to authentic leadership roles. Our youth initiatives in Jordan have facilitated ground-breaking dialogue between youth and local communities, where they can participate in programming that explores agency, life skills, critical thinking, gender and social inclusion and leadership so they can contribute to a shared future.

Community Participation

Youth and their families are actively engaged in our program development and implementation so that they are conducive to positive youth development. We are committed to improving the capacities and enabling the aspirations of youth so that they can contribute to and benefit from more stable, democratic and prosperous communities. Brimming with potential and ambition to fully integrate into the local economy but frustrated by the lack of opportunities available to them, youth in Kosovo are playing an integral role in determining the economic and political future of their country through accessible, meaningful training and guidance.


Interactive Trainers & Relevant Curriculum Activities

We develop materials and trainings that are interactive and utilize methods that address the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and creative development of all our program participants, as well as leverage youth’s interests to build real skills for success in school, work and life. In Sri Lanka, for example, there has never been a more urgent need for healthy media consumption and digital and media literacy for youth. Without knowing, young people can unintentionally contribute to misinformation that undermines healthy societies, but Global Communities’ SCORE mentors are helping combat the threat of weaponized information through webinars and trainings.

Safe Spaces

All programming is held in a safe and nurturing environment that supports the developmental, emotional, physical health and mental well-being of all young people. Global Communities implements Project ROOTS, an after-school program that seeks to prevent human trafficking by addressing the root causes of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and unhealthy relationships, and where school-aged children build resilience in a safe space.


A Focus on Adolescent Girls & Young Women

Global Communities works with girls, their families and communities to secure their rights, expand their life choices and reach their full potential.

Guided by the principles of Positive Youth Development, Global Communities designs programs to combat gender-based discrimination and ensure that adolescent girls and young women:

  • Have the necessary skills and assets to be resilient and excel at school, work, and in life
  • Are empowered to make decisions about their lives, set their own goals and act without fear of violence, retribution, or exploitation
  • Have increased access to safe, quality education, health services and economic opportunities
Positive Relationships

Positive Relationships

We encourage positive connections between youth, community leaders and institutions that foster and support a youth-friendly environment. We have implemented youth programs in more than 15 countries in sectors covering:

  • Youth Participation & Leadership
  • Youth in Conflict (conflict management mitigation and mental health
  • School-Based Interventions
  • Transition to the Workforce (soft skills, entrepreneurship and employment)

Ending Child Marriage

Global Communities addresses the causes and consequences of child marriages by challenging parental involvement, unequal gender norms and practices, women and girls’ lack of empowerment and low levels of economic development. Interventions work at the individual, family, community and societal levels to promote lasting change and create a safe and supportive environment for girls. We work through self-help groups to foster women’s leadership to mobilize communities and households against child marriage and support the aspirations of adolescent girls.

PCI India, a Global Communities Partner, has established a model to foster and harness the collective strength of self-help groups in order to mobilize communities against child marriage. Mothers and other adult women facilitate family and community level dialogues to combat the acceptance of child marriage. The self-help group curriculum supports social organizing against the practice, offers safe spaces for adolescents and advocates for policy changes at the government level.

Our Approach

Global Communities incorporates the proven Positive Youth Development methodology into our youth programming, which shifts the emphasis from a focus on problems to working with youth as partners in building a productive environment for them to reach their greatest potential. Our approach favors leadership and skill-building opportunities so that youth can feel competent, useful, powerful and find a sense of belonging.