DSG Hub: Our Journey to Promote Safe and Gender-responsive Digitization of Savings Groups

By Paula Rudnicka, Sr. Manager for Public Affairs Across the globe, savings groups are increasingly using digital solutions – such as digital ledgers and wallets – to manage group records and conduct financial transactions. This leads to the emergence of digital savings groups (DSGs) whose procedures, records or transactions are digitized in some way, typically…

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Women-Founded Cooperative Leads Solar Energy Innovation in Kenya

WISEe members smiling and showing their uniforms.

By Maryangela Amendola One phone call changed Jacinta’s future. In 2015, a college friend told her about a renewable solar energy training program provided by Arizona University and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). She left her career as an engineer and aviation teacher in Mombasa County, Kenya, to pursue the…

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Igniting Children’s Potential, One Bite at a Time: Reflections from the International Food Aid Showcase

By Paula Rudnicka, Sr. Manager for Public Affairs   Last month, Global Communities participated in the 2024 International Food Aid Showcase at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The showcase brought together diverse stakeholders representing all segments of the U.S. food assistance value chain—from farmers to implementing partners and government agencies. At the beginning of…

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María’s Harvest: Empowering Sustainable Farming and Drought Resilience in Honduras

María now stores water in her water harvester for irrigation of her crops.

María Martínez is a wife, mother, grandmother and producer of basic grains living in the Zacatustal, San Ramón, Choluteca community in Honduras. Her home is far from central markets which makes access to nutritious food a challenge. María received fencing wire, seeds and fertilizers from the United States Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Humanitarian…

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School Feeding Interventions as a Tool for Addressing Child Malnutrition: Experiences from Tanzania, Guatemala and Madagascar

Student in Tanzania eating a school meal

By Betty Adera and Chloe Pan Malnutrition remains a pressing global issue, affecting millions of children and impeding their growth, development and well-being. It manifests in various forms, including undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity. Each form has severe consequences for children. In 2022, the World Health Organization estimated that globally, 149 million children under five…

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Charting a Safer Future: How Guatemala’s Communities are Preparing for Natural Disasters

The latest Humanitarian Needs Overview estimates that 75% of the Guatemalan population live in areas at risk of climate hazards. The Central American country is poised to experience hurricanes, tropical storms, landslides and earthquakes throughout 2024, yet only one-third of municipalities have planned how to handle the impact of these events and implement basic services.…

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Commissioning Ceremony Marks Milestone for Water Accessibility in Northern Ghana

On April 18, a historic event unfolded in Nawuhugu, located in the Northern Region of Ghana, as community members, local chiefs, esteemed dignitaries and stakeholders gathered to witness the commissioning of a vital water system. The event, organized by Global Communities Ghana, marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to improve water accessibility and…

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Doses of Hope: Expanding Vaccine Access for Honduran Families

Immunizations are a cornerstone of global health, contributing to millions of lives saved. High vaccination rates limit the transmission of preventable diseases, protecting entire communities and mitigating outbreaks should they occur. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a stark reminder that strong immunization programs are essential for global health security. In July 2023, Global Communities launched…

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Protecting Children in Emergencies: Perspectives from Syria and Ukraine

By Emily Galloway, Tarek Fakhereddin, Nataliia Biloshytska and Tania Dudnyk Global Communities has a rich history of providing emergency aid and protection services to refugees and internally displaced people in many crisis settings, from Ukraine and Gaza to Syria and Guatemala. This includes our Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE) programming, which supports the well-being of…

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Adapting and Innovating in a Volatile World: Reflections from the 2024 Fragility Forum  

By Paula Rudnicka, Sr. Manager for Public Affairs   Last month, the World Bank held its 2024 Fragility Forum – a biannual conference that brings together policymakers, researchers and practitioners from humanitarian, development and peacebuilding communities to exchange knowledge and ideas about how to improve our approaches in fragile, conflict and violence-affected settings. This year’s theme…

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Strengthening Economic Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs through Cooperatives

Woman in a Cooperative working.

By Ashley Holst Cooperatives are leaders in promoting inclusive economic growth by providing equitable and accessible solutions to economic and social stressors. Two of the seven principles of cooperatives are “voluntary and open membership” and “concern for community,” both of which call upon cooperatives to create opportunities for all people and to put the betterment…

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‘Game-Changing’ Water System Introduced in Northern Ghana

In the heart of the Bole District in Northern Ghana lies the serene and welcoming Mandari Community, a place that has seen significant transformation thanks to Global Communities and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). A solar-powered mechanized water system was introduced there as part of the USAID-funded WASH for Health program, making…

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Pass the Mic: Promoting Good Governance and Social Inclusion for Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation in Ghana

By Paula Rudnicka, Sr. Manager for Public Affairs and Regine “Gigi” Dupuy, Sr. Technical Advisor for Governance. Video production by Kallista Zormelo, Digital Content Specialist. Many people, especially those of us living in wealthier communities of the Global North, rarely think about the intricate ecosystem of policies, institutions and processes which make the magic of…

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Unlocking Economic Empowerment: Insights from Gender Analyses in Guatemala and Kenya

Cooperative Development, women working together.

By Chloe Pan Globally, nearly 2.4 billion women do not have the same economic rights as men, and on average, only have three-fourths of the legal rights. Harmful gender norms and discrimination present immense challenges to women’s access to economic opportunities. To discover more specific barriers to women’s economic access, gender analyses are conducted. Through…

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Promoting Economic Advancement as a Pathway to Preventing HIV and Violence against Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Women working in Kenya

By Betty Adera This month, as we observe International Women’s Day 2024, it is imperative to reflect on the multifaceted challenges that adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), aged 15 to 24, face. Under this year’s theme, Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress, we must consider how the intertwined issues of HIV/AIDS and violence halt their…

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