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Bosnia MFI Sponsors Inter-religious Soccer Match to Raise Money for School

Published 11/28/2012 by Global Communities

Priests and imams play friendly soccer match in Bosnia to raise money for a school

By Associated Press, Published: November 22 2012
This article was originally appeared in the Washington Post
ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — A soccer match between Muslim imams and Catholic priests has helped raise funds for a new kindergarten in Bosnia.
More than 4,000 people paid 1 euro ($1.30) to watch the game in the central town of Zenica on Wednesday night, cheering “Bosnia, Bosnia” and celebrating whoever scored.
The Catholics won 5 -3.
The match, organized by Bosnia’s Inter-religious Committee, was played by priests of the Bosnian Franciscan order and Muslim imams, said Priest Fra Zdravko Andjic. His good friend, Imam Jakub Salkica, said both sides got along well, but joked that shouldn’t raise suspicions about match fixing.
Nearly two decades ago, more than 100,000 people died in this country in a war that involved Muslim Bosniaks, Christian Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats.
Global Communities’ LIDER microfinance institution in Bosnia was a proud sponsor of this event. Learn more about LIDER on their website here.