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Bruce Parmelee Receives Global Communities “Building a Better World” Award

Published 12/17/2013 by Global Communities

Bruce Parmelee Receives Global Communities “Building a Better World” Award
Bruce Parmelee (left) receives the “Building A Better World” award from Global Communities President and CEO David Weiss for his dedication to working with local communities.
Silver Spring, MD – On December 12, 2013, Bruce Parmelee received the Global Communities “Building a Better World” award for his dedication to working in partnership with local communities around the world to help them improve their lives and livelihoods.
The award was presented in the Sheraton Hotel, Silver Spring, Maryland, by Robert A. Mosbacher, Jr., and David A. Weiss, respectively Chairman and President/CEO of Global Communities, in front of an audience of the staff and trustees of the organization. The award was given, as described by David A. Weiss, “In grateful acknowledgement of 15 years of service and leadership in over six countries throughout the world, dedication to community-driven development, and continuously living the values that embody Global Communities.” Weiss also acknowledged the vital role of Bruce’s family and wife, Debra Parmelee, who has allowed Bruce to travel for large spans of time in order to work around the world.
Bruce has worked for Global Communities as a staff member and consultant since 1999 and has worked in Kosovo, Liberia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Jordan, as well as at headquarters as Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East and Director of Security. Working in some of the world’s toughest environments, Bruce has become renowned for his can-do attitude, his commitment to community-based development, and the close relationships he forges with local staff and community members. Parmelee is well known for his philosophy that successful management is best supported by living “on the economy” in the country being served.  Whenever possible in Afghanistan, Iraq and the other countries where he was assigned, he chose to reside in the host community, relying on community acceptance and local security to complete his mission.
This is Bruce’s third career. A native of New York’s Southern Tier, in the mid-1970s through the early 1980s Bruce gained experience in domestic development in the Appalachian Region as a VISTA Volunteer and the U.S. Government ACTION agency. He returned to New York State in 1982 to establish a franchised Harley-Davidson Dealership which he owned, operated and successfully sold in 1997, before beginning his work in international development with Global Communities.
The day after receiving the award, Bruce, accompanied by his wife, Debra, gave a presentation to the Global Communities’ trustees and program staff at headquarters, on his 15 years of experience working in the Field.
Earlier this year, Bruce managed the rapid start-up phase of Global Communities’ USAID Community Engagement Program in Jordan, a program designed to assist the host communities of Jordan who have received hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees over the last two years. Immediately upon ending his presentation, Bruce left for South Sudan to act as Interim Country Director for Global Communities.
Now in his 60s, Bruce shows no signs of slowing down. When he is not in the Field, he relaxes by taking part in car races and riding his motorcycle collection.