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Can SMEs survive climate change? Eva Marie Arts and Crafts versus Typhoon Yolanda

Published 12/15/2014 by Global Communities

Can SMEs survive climate change? Eva Marie Arts and Crafts versus Typhoon Yolanda


In this report produced by the Asian Institute of Management, the authors look at the devastating impact of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) had on micro, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines. For this case study, they traced the cirstumances of Eva Marie Arts and Crafts, Inc., a handicraft producer in Basey, Samar, and describe how this particular enterprise fared after Typhoon Yolanda struck.


As part of the recovery process, Global Communities, with support from DLA Piper, provided assistance to SMEs. With the goal of restoring livelihoods and shelter, Global Communities partnered with Eva Maria Arts and Crafts, Inc. and its artisans, whose homes served as their base of production and were damaged by the typhoon. The assistance provided to these artisans to repair their homes (and thus be able to resume production of mats) appeared to be a key factor in the rapid resumption of Eva Marie’s business operations. With the goal of restoring basic shelter and livelihoods in the weeks and months directly following the typhoon. 


Read the full case study here.