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CHF Annual Report 2011: Partnership in a Changing World

Published 05/29/2012 by Global Communities

CHF Annual Report 2011: Partnership in a Changing World 
The CHF International 2011 Annual Report is now available. This year, we have chosen as our theme Partnership in a Changing World. Partnership is at the core of CHF’s work and in a rapidly changing global environment, partnership is more important than ever. In his introductory letter, David Weiss, President and CEO of CHF International spells out our commitment to partnering to create positive change around the world:
“CHF is an organization that embraces change. We seek to ensure that the changes we work to create are positive for the communities who need it most. In this environment, we are always looking to connect with new partners, new ideas and innovations, and to bring together the right ingredients for sustainable, scalable solutions to global challenges. But it is our core guiding principles of partnership, respect and trust that make us CHF. We welcome you in sharing these values and joining our CHF worldwide community.”
The Annual Report, which mostly covers our activities in Fiscal Year 2011 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) gives many examples of our three important aspects of CHF: our global scale, our broad and innovative range of expertise and, above all, the importance of enduring partnerships among equals, from Maryland to Mongolia and all around the world. Inside the report you will find:

An introduction to CHF, “Where We Work” and “How We Work”

A series of examples of Our Work in Action, this year covering:

Middle East & North Africa: Responding to the Needs of the People
In 2011, global change was most clearly symbolized by the “Arab Spring.” Read about how CHF is working in partnerships across the Middle East and North Africa to address the long-term economic, educational and governance needs of communities across the Arab world.

Colombia: Partnerships from Displacement to the Journey Home
CHF has been striving to meet the needs of Colombia’s vulnerable population of internally displaced persons since 2001. Read about how we are adapting to the needs of these people as they face new challenges returning home.

The 21st  Century Urban Disaster
More than half the world’s population now lives in urban centers. These cities are vulnerable to natural disasters, which are becoming a more and more common — and deadly — phenomenon. How can humanitarian agencies and governments adjust our approaches and work together to respond to this growing challenge?

What Happens When CHF Leaves a Country?
CHF’s central objective is to build the self-sufficiency of the communities and partners we work with so that when we leave, they can carry on the vital work that we achieved together. Read profiles of organizations CHF helped to set up that are now driving their own development.

Our Areas of Expertise

Leadership and Financials

You can read the Annual Report here or request hard copies by email at [email protected]