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CHF Helps Thousands of Children in Rwanda with School Materials

Published 01/06/2012 by Global Communities

CHF Helps Thousands of Children in Rwanda with School Materials
The pride on the children’s faces as they carried boxes and bags of school materials was unmistakable. The children were not only excited about the school materials and hygiene kits that they would receive; they were also excited to be volunteers in assembling and distributing the kits to their fellow peers.
Under the USAID/Higa Ubeho program, led by CHF, and ten local organizations, orphans and other vulnerable children receive scholastic materials, tuition, and hygiene kits to enable them to go to school, stay in school, and to perform well in school.
The 350+ children who gathered at Groupe Scolaire Indangamirwa in Kamonyi district are among 46,986 children in primary and secondary school who are supported by CHF’s program in Rwanda. The kits are valued at over US $ 900,000.
This year, CHF is undertaking a major new initiative to both test the sustainability of its social, economic, and health interventions over the past two years by asking families to manage some of the costs of the school and hygiene kits. Instead of providing the usual 100% subsidy, the program is beginning to reduce the total package of support – encouraging families to save for and to meet these needs. ‘Going beyond aid’ is a new slogan across Rwanda as the Government of Rwanda encourages its citizens to participate in their own development. CHF is proud to partner with Rwandan communities in these efforts towards self-reliance.