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CHF Honduras Wins Global Prize for Water Harvesting Project

Published 03/15/2012 by Global Communities

PHOTO: Eva Mejia accepting the prize on behalf of CHF International.
In a special ceremony, on Thursday March 15th CHF International won the Actions in Water and Climate Change Adaptation Prize, for the implementation of the Water Harvesting Project in Honduras. The prize was awarded by the Americas Climate Change Dialogue.
CHF was represented by Eva Karina Mejia, and Mr. Ben Braga, President of the Committee, announced the winner; additionally, the ceremony was attended by Michel Jarraud, Secretary General of the Global Meteorological Organization, Jose Luis Luege, Director of CONAGUA Mexico, Vidal Garza Cantu, Director of the FEMSA Foundation of Mexico as well as representatives of BID, FANMex, and the Water General Council.
More than a traditional award, the Actions in Water Adaptation looks to strengthen the activities of the winner over a period of three years, until the World Water Forum in March 2015. At the forum, CHF will present the advances achieved by the $50,000 prize money. Therefore, not only does the prize present an opportunity to continue the project, CHF will work to demonstrate the huge economic, social, and environmental impact that financial investment in proper water management can have.
Learn more about our water harvesting project here. 
View photos of CHF’s Water Harvesting process below.