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CHF International 2010 Annual Report: Partnership

Published 06/02/2011 by Global Communities

CHF International 2010 Annual Report: Partnership
The 2010 edition of Building a Better World, our Annual Report, is now available. This year’s report has as its theme a core value that has guided CHF through nearly 60 years of successful operations: ‘Partnership’. It focuses on the many partnerships in action with governments, corporations, NGOs and, above all, the communities around the world with whom we work, and how these play a key role in everything we do.
The report has three main sections:
1) Who is CHF International? This section explains who we are and how we work, particularly addressing pressing issues such as accountability, capacity-building and value for money.
2) Case Studies of our Work in Action In this section, we present five examples of our work in action, demonstrating how we have worked with communities and all stakeholders to address the pressing needs of people around the world. The five case studies are: Helping Shelter Haiti, the Urban World, Global Health, Green Building and Microfinance and More in the Middle East.
3) Areas of Expertise This section addresses our main areas of development expertise and gives both examples of our work and impact statistics.
Download the full report.