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CHF International is becoming Global Communities, Partners for Good

Published 10/15/2012 by Global Communities

CHF International is becoming Global Communities, Partners for Good

Dear  Friends,
The world is changing.  So are we.  This year marks the 60th anniversary of CHF International, the Cooperative Housing Foundation, a non-profit international development organization.  Since our founding in 1952, we have evolved and our current name no longer reflects who we are and all that we do around the globe.  This anniversary marks a new chapter in our history, no longer with the name CHF International, but as Global Communities. 
The change to Global Communities better reflects who we are and what we do.  It captures our values and our heritage by focusing on how we have always approached our mission since our inception sixty years ago — by partnering with communities around the globe to give them the tools they need to sustainably improve their own lives and livelihoods.  Our slogan, Partners for Good, reflects the single organizing principle of our organization: creating enduring partnerships with communities, the private sector, government and other organizations to foment positive, permanent change to the lives of the vulnerable.
Our organization has evolved. We are focused on implementing pioneering projects and programs across a range of sectors, funded by a diverse donor base. In order to achieve sustainable development results, we put a premium on innovation, combining new ideas with our decades of taking a holistic, community-based approach designed to build the self-sufficiency of the people who need it most. At the same time, we continue our long-standing tradition of employing the best talent to efficiently and effectively deliver results through high quality projects and program management, with a constant commitment to our donors and supporters, and to working with vulnerable communities and individuals.
We will continue doing business as both Global Communities and CHF International for some time as we roll out our new identity around the world.  In the interim, our legal name will remain the “Cooperative Housing Foundation”.  Expect to see both names during a two year transition as we continue to inform our stakeholders and partners of the exciting changes taking place in our organization.
We are excited and invigorated by these changes.  We believe that our core approach, practiced and proven over six decades of experience, is the way of the future.   We are proud of our tradition of building partnerships and enduring relationships, working at the grass-roots, community level to build capacity and connect communities.  We look forward to continuing our work with you, to communicating with you, and to hearing from you as we evolve in this changing world.
Together, we are Global Communities, Partners for Good.
Best wishes,
David Weiss
President and CEO

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