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CHF’s Work in Darfur – Update

Published 02/02/2011 by Global Communities

CHF’s Work in Darfur – Update
CHF International would like to express our thanks again to everyone who donated money towards programs in Darfur. As you may know, CHF was one of thirteen major humanitarian assistance organizations that were ordered to leave Darfur in March 2009 by the Sudanese government. For more details, please click here.
We hope to return to helping the people of Darfur when conditions allow. However, we want to ensure that your donations are put to good and timely use to help the people who need it most. Therefore, CHF plans to use the donations that have not yet been used in Darfur for other similar CHF programs in Africa, where we help communities across Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Ethiopia and southern Sudan.
Update February 2, 2011
CHF intends to use the remaining funds donated to our Darfur programs for humanitarian assistance purposes, aiding displaced persons in southern Sudan and also to help those living in drought-stricken areas in Ethiopia. If you would prefer that your donation does not go to these projects, please contact us at [email protected] by February 10, 2011.