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Cities, Climate Change, and The Big Opportunity

Published 09/17/2012 by Global Communities

Cities, Climate Change, and The Big Opportunity: How Empowering the Urban Poor Can Improve Our Global Future

By Brian English, Director, Program Innovation, Global Communities
For centuries, cities have proven themselves to be engines of economic growth, sources of innovation and places of job creation. As cities invest in their adaption and resilience to climate change, this is also a window of opportunity to invest in new pathways to economic prosperity and progress for their most vulnerable citizens. But to truly solve the vulnerability of the poor, cities must address the structural inequalities that have constrained their access to resources and created and sustained poverty. Climate change is happening and its unfolding dangers have grabbed worldwide attention. Yet, the opportunities that exist within climate change debates to improve and transform some of the most vulnerable urban communities of the developing world are often overlooked.
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