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Colombia Community Radio Program Wins National Award for Agricultural Journalism

Published 01/08/2013 by Global Communities

Colombia Responde Community Radio Program Wins National Award for Agricultural Journalism
Communication rights and freedom of expression were grossly violated during the most intense periods of the internal Colombian conflict. Due to these violations, communities remained silent and restricted both their self-expression and organization, further increasing their vulnerability.
In order to create spaces for participation, expression, integration, and empowerment, Colombia Responde, a USAID-funded initiative implemented by Global Communities in Montes de Maria, implemented Voices and Sounds of Montes de Maria, a project that trained farmers on community radio in 16 communities and created radio production centers in each community. These 16 communities formed the Voices and Sounds Association, supported by local governments and community radio stations. To promote integration, increase visibility, strengthen state presence, and improve inter-institutional relations, the communities started producing a live radio program called Voices and Sounds. After producing 21 radio programs, this initiative won the National Award for Agricultural Journalism, awarded by the Colombia Agricultural Society on 18 December 2012. Other winners were the Antioquia Public University and RCN, the national television channel.
Currently, 20 new communities are producing this radio program, which is broadcast every Sunday from 9 to 11 A.M. with the support of two community and three public radio stations.
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