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Cooperative Advocacy: A Guide for Advocating Cooperative Reform

Published 12/04/2013 by Global Communities

Cooperative Advocacy: A Practical Guide for Advocating Cooperative Legal and Regulatory Reform

This publication is written for national cooperative organizations and their volunteer cooperative leaders and staff members around the world, who are the main intended audiences for CLARITY, the Cooperative Law and Regulation Initiative. The goal of CLARITY is to develop a cooperative-led process for promoting cooperative legal and regulatory reform.

National cooperative organizations (such as federations, apex associations and sector specific cooperative groups) play a valuable role in collectively representing the cooperative sector’s interests and perspectives. It is their role, too, to take the lead in engaging with legislative and regulatory bodies when it is necessary to bring about legal reform for cooperatives.

This new report extends the focus of CLARITY’s work by addressing in detail the issue of advocacy. It is based on a recognition that national cooperative movements that have identified a need for legislative and regulatory reform may have to convince others – particularly those in positions of power – of the importance of taking these steps. In other words, to achieve appropriate reform may require cooperative organizations to engage in advocacy.
To learn more, read the full report here.