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Empowering Communities in Colombia through Participatory Action (video)

Published 05/22/2013 by Global Communities

Empowering Communities in Colombia through Participatory Action

The communities of Montes de Maria in northern Colombia were some of the most affected during the armed conflict. With more than 50% of the population displaced, social cohesion was shattered, organizations and institutions were weakened and leaders disappeared. Today, communities are striving to overcome decades of violence and mistrust and learn how to work together again. Through the USAID-funded Colombia Responde program, Global Communities is teaching communities how to organize themselves and work with their local municipalities to take charge of their own development.  Using a methodology called PACE (Participatory Action for Community Enhancement), residents participate in democratic and transparent processes to form Community Development Committees that work together to create plans to address their communities’ main challenges and identify possible solutions. The plans developed by the committees act as a roadmap, which they can use to manage and negotiate their own development. 
Learn more about PACE and how communities in Montes de Maria are working to move forward together by watching the short video below.