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Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders: Youth Local Councils

Published 03/19/2014 by Global Communities

Though youth constitute an overwhelming majority in the West Bank & Gaza (65% of the population is between 13-38 years old), there have been few opportunities for them to engage in community affairs and local governance.

In response, Global Communities piloted the Youth Local Council initiative in four communities in 2008 in partnership with a local organization, Al-Mawrid. After the success of the pilot, Global Communities expanded to an additional nine communities with local partner Sharek Youth Forum (Sharek) in 2010 under the Local Democratic Reform program. The initiative continues now under the Local Government & Infrastructure program and, as of February 2014, is currently active in 19 target communities.

Youth Local Councils (YLCs) are democratically elected bodies made up of 9-15 members aged 15-22. The council mirrors the elected local government unit (LGU, or municipality) in its size and formation. Working in partnership with the municipality, the purpose of the YLC is to sensitize youth to good governance practices and give them an opportunity to take a leadership role in their community.

For more information, please read the Youth Local Council factsheet.