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Global Communities 2012 Annual Report: 60 Years of Partnership

Published 05/30/2013 by Global Communities

Global Communities 2012 Annual Report:
60 Years of Partnership
The Global Communities 2012 Annual Report is now available. 
This report has the distinction of being the first ever Global Communities Annual Report and also the 60th anniversary report of the organization that began in 1952 as the Foundation for Cooperative Housing. It therefore explores both our new direction and our heritage, focusing on the 60 years of partnership that has been and remains at the core of our work.
Most of all, it explores the stories of the communities with whom we work in close partnership to give them the tools they need to drive their own development, lead their own livelihoods and fulfill their potential as part of a connected global community.
The report includes:

We are Global Communities: who we are, what we do and how we do it

Our 60 year history to our recent innovations and awards

Partners for Prosperity – many of the corporate and community partnerships that are increasingly at the core of our work

Partners for Peace – our conflict resolution and peace building work since 1996 through to the latest Kenya elections in 2013

Partners for Promise – our investment in communities through micro and SME finance, through the social responsibility work we implement around our finance programs, and also the investment in our teams around the world
The report also includes a full list of our areas of expertise and examples of the work we have undertaken in each of these areas, as well as our updated financials. Please explore the report and our website to learn more about our organization. We welcome you to be part of our global community.
 Together, we are Global Communities.
Click here to view the 2012 Annual Report.