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Haiti: A New Path to Urban Renewal (Photo slideshow)

Published 09/04/2012 by Global Communities

Haiti: A New Path to Urban Renewal
Through the USAID-funded Katye project, CHF working with partners and local residents helped to rebuild the earthquake-devastated neighborhood of Ravine Pintade in Port-au-Prince. Katye, which means “neighborhood” in Creole, was based on a comprehensive and integrated planning process that relied heavily on the participation of residents in the planning and decision-making required to rebuild the community. More than 500 families now reside in new or upgraded homes. Other neighborhood improvements include improved drainage and sanitation facilities, community water tanks, solar-powered street lights, cleared walk ways and open public spaces to facilitate movement and access around the neighborhood.
View photos taken by Maggie Steber of The Washington Post, which capture some of the everday moments in the rebuilt community.