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Learning and Legacy from the USAID/Higa Ubeho Program

Published 02/09/2015 by Global Communities

Learning and Legacy from the USAID/Higa Ubeho Program
Through five years of implementation, the USAID/Higa Ubeho program assisted over 75,000 vulnerable households in 23 districts. Working in partnership with local authorities and civil society, more than 5,000 new community-based service points were established with the goal of increasing self-reliance – services which benefited both vulnerable households and the wider community.
Summary of accomplishments from the five-year program include:

Education support provided to 52,763 children.

242 School-based clubs established.

Peer mentoring/support provided to 12,193 youths.

Holiday camps served 13,399 youths.

Scholarships for vocational programs provided to 6,542 youths.

5,949 youths supported with industrial attachments.

304 volunteers were trained to lead playgroups for young children.

Playgroups served 10,853 children under age five.

20,000 parents/guardians received positive parenting messages.

Farmer Field Schools were established in 790 sites.

87% of households adopted bio-intensive agriculture techniques.

Community growth monitoring sessions benefit 17,164 children.

738 Positive Deviance Hearth Groups were established.

Trained 2,157 volunteer counselors in Helpful Active Listening.
Household economic resiliency as measured by the Household Resilience Index which is closely aligned to the Government of Rwanda Ubudehe system, showed an increase by 26%, as households moved from lower to higher socio-economic categories; this includes an increase of 19% of households in the category households struggling to make ends meet, and 7% in the category households prepared to grow.
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