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Liberia Reaches Monumental 42 Days Free From Ebola

Published 05/12/2015 by Global Communities

Liberia Reaches Monumental 42 Days Free From Ebola
By Emily Galloway, Global Communities

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – Liberia observed yesterday a significant landmark in the fight against Ebola, bringing together numerous speakers to celebrate with the huge crowds of Liberians who gathered for the occasion. The speakers ranged from survivors and health workers to the President of the Republic of Togo, H.E.  Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé. Those who spoke touched on both the happiness and relief of finally reaching this particular milestone, while remembering and honoring those who suffered during the health crisis and acknowledging the work yet to be done. Ms. Tee Love Lorseh, an Ebola survivor who lost her entire family, emphasized the need to continue to work against stigmatization of survivors. She called on all to “Embrace us, love us and show all due respect to us.”
A significant theme of the day was the key role that safe burials played in reducing transmission and working to curb the spread of the disease. Global Communities and the Disco Hill safe burial site in particular was highlighted as a major contributor to the success of this strategy. Many, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and U.S. Ambassador Deborah Ruth Malac, referred to these activities as central to the progress made.
Students pack the balcony at the Centennial Memorial Pavillion having been given the day off from school to mark the occasion.
Crowds of people unable to fit inside gathered outside the pavilion enjoying a more casual celebration with music, dancing and cheering.