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New Opportunities for Local Economic Development in Montenegro

Published 07/06/2014 by Global Communities

New Opportunities for Local Economic Development
Global Communities helped to expand economic opportunities in northern Montenegro through the USAID Economic Growth Project (EGP). With a special focus on bolstering the tourism and agribusiness sectors in Montenegro, EGP worked with small and medium enterprises to build their capacity and competitiveness. At the same, EGP improved municipal services to better support economic activities in these sectors by providing a more conducive business environment. 
In 2008, Global Communities completed its five-year, USAID-funded civil society and economic development program in Montenegro. The Community Revitalization Through Democratic Action program promoted citizen participation and helped communities tap into opportunities in the tourism and agricultural sectors. Though Global Communities’ role is complete, in line with our aim of self-sufficiency and self-direction, it left behind several legacy groups to continue on the work.
Montenegro Adventures:
Montenegro Adventures is a for-profit tourism company that works toward increasing tourism and economic opportunities in the beautiful mountainous region of northern Montenegro. By promoting responsible travel they show tourists the local traditions, cultures, cuisine and lifestyle of Montenegro. Revenue from the tourism industry then increases the vitality of Montenegro’s economy as a whole.
Fors Montenegro:
Fors Montenegro is a regional development non-governmental organization that is attracting US and EU funding for its civil society work in northern Montenegro. In doing so, they have taken up a pivotal role in the development projects of that region. In the spirit of CHF’s cooperative development approach, Fors has partnered with various local stakeholders to achieve each objective. Projects include the construction of a sanitary marketplace in the Murino district of Montenegro: producing a safe and sanitary workspace allows local businesses to expand, creating full time jobs and generating new income.
The Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives:
The Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives is a not-for-profit tourism group, which focuses on the development of responsible, sustainable tourism products with the long term goal of increased employment and revenue in the tourism sector. They have become the leader in increasing public awareness of tourism development in Montenegro, working to regenerate communities, reduce poverty and attract infrastructure investment. Projects include the development of a national program for hiking and biking nature tourism and the creation of a tourism photography database for promotional use.