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Profiles of Global Communities ACSI Staff in Iraq

Published 03/04/2015 by Global Communities

Profiles of Global Communities ACSI Staff in Iraq
In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Global Communities is highlighting some of the staff from our country offices and microfinance institutions around the world. Here we profile some of the staff at the Access to Credit Services Initiative (ACSI) in Iraq. Since its creation in 2003, ACSI has become the largest microfinance provider in Iraq. Despite the often tenuous security and discrimination against women in the workforce, the staff at ACSI have proven through their hard work and dedication towards their clients and fellow staff members that success is possible.

Raz Salah Eldine, Senior Office Manager, Suleimaniya branchAlthough Raz began her tenure at ACSI as a receptionist, her additional abilities were soon recognized and she was promoted to a Credit Assistant. Her upward trajectory continued as she now serves as the Senior Office Manager of Suleimaniya branch. Despite her lack of experience in the microfinance industry and a language barrier, she proved her competency and overcame these challenges through hard work and her sharp intellect. Raz’s motto for success in life is to set a goal and put all your efforts towards achieving it, and once it is reached, identify new, more difficult targets, and work to achieve them.

Shaima Yehya Abd-Alrahman, Marketing Coordinator, Baghdad, Wehda branchShaima began working with ACSI in 2004 as a Loan Officer. Despite the constant complexity of the security situation in the capital, which made it difficult to persuade people to take loans, she persisted and began disbursing loans to a regular base of clients. Shaima was named “Top Loan Officer” twice. More importantly, she won the trust and respect of her borrowers. In her current position as a Marketing Coordinator, she conducts customer surveys, organizes special events like ACSI’s 10th Anniversary commemoration, and coordinates community outreach and holiday events. She has taken on these new challenges with gusto and credits her success to ACSI’s senior management and their supportive treatment of the staff.

Eshraq Abdul Hussain, Hiring and Training Manager, Hilla branchSince ACSI’s inception in 2003, Eshraq has held a wide range of responsibilities at ACSI. She started as an Administrative Assistant and was later promoted to Office Manager at the Karbala branch, and then became a Compliance Assistant in Hilla. She returned to Karbala as the Branch Manager of the Karbala branch for three years and now serves as the Hiring and Training Manager within the HR department at the main office in Hilla. Known for her efficiency and excellent results, Eshraq has been recognized by ACSI management and fellow staff members in both Karbala and Hilla.

Jihan Jawad, Senior Credit Assistant, Karbala branchJihan started her long journey with ACSI in 2003. In her position as a Loan Officer of the newly created microfinance institution, she faced the challenge spreading the concept of microfinance in the community and convincing people to borrow from a brand new organization. Her success and dedication as a Loan Officer eventually led her to a position as a Senior Credit Assistant. She emphasizes the importance of continuous learning in both her professional and personal life. She constantly strives to improve her professional skills by attending training courses, and in her free time she volunteers with organizations that advocate for children and human rights.