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Promoting Community Health & Nutrition through Cooperative Development

Published 10/05/2015 by Global Communities

Promoting Community Health & Nutrition through Cooperative Development
The Global Communities cooperative development programs utilize the cooperative business model to bring community members together providing them with the ability to purchase inputs and sell their produce together for greater income gains. For over 30 years, Global Communities has been working with cooperative members to achieve a comparative advantage in their markets; achieving economies of scale by lowering their costs and increasing their revenues by tapping into more lucrative markets with higher value and higher volume.
Global Communities’ cooperative development programs USAID Developing Economic Strengthening Initiatives for Group ProductioN (DESIGN) and USAID Enabling Market Integration through Rural Group Empowerment (EMIRGE) have been working to facilitate business savvy cooperatives that can thrive, even in times of economic shock As drivers of community resilience strategies, cooperatives are inherently rooted in their own communities and have vast potential as change makers within their own community.
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