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Promoting Palestinian Entrepreneurs

Published 05/25/2012 by Global Communities

Sixty aspiring entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza have successfully completed the Ramallah Oasis500 Boot Camp.

The Oasis500 Boot Camp is an intensive six-day training course designed to prepare potential entrepreneurs for their business launch. The training covered all business aspects, including business modeling, financials, pitching, facilitation and marketing. The training is designed to prepare entrepreneurs for the upcoming stages that they will be facing in order to reach their goal, and create a successful start up from their innovative idea.

The training was held in Ramallah from May 12-17, in partnership with a consortium consisting of CHF International/Ryada, PADICO, PICTI, Partnership for a New Beginning and CISCO. Of the 60 participants, 20 were from Gaza – a notable highlight in light of the restrictions on the movement of Gazans imposed by the Israeli authorities.

Palestinian leaders from the private, public and non-governmental sector were invited to attend the Boot Camp to talk about their successes and achievements and how they got there. These were inspiring stories for the Boot Camp trainees and it also offered them the opportunity to interact with the guests of honor. Moreover, it was the first time after a very long time that people from the West Bank and Gaza worked together under one roof – another highlight of the training.

The Country Director of CHF International, Mrs. Lana Abu-Hijleh, was highly impressed by the motivation of the participants: “I am proud to see how participants are able to implement theories into realities, and the strong will in learning and wanting to achieve. With the creativity and innovation those ambitious participants have, one could hope for a great potential of a bright future.”

Oasis500 and the consortium partners from the West Bank and Gaza are going to follow up with the participants of this Boot Camp and provide them with opportunities to further develop their concept pitches and incubate the most successful of the trainees with the aim of getting them seed capital to start their own ventures.