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Social IncluCity Programme Chalks Massive Success

Published 11/17/2015 by Global Communities

Social IncluCity Programme Chalks Massive Success  
This article originally appeared in Modern Ghana.
The Inclucity Project, being implemented by the Global Communities, an NGO, to improve service delivery and local governance for the turban poor has ended.
The four-year project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and carried out in the both Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, sought to bridge the gap between the urban poor and their assemblies.
Mr. Ishmael Adams, the Project Director, Global Communities, said 59 targeted slums within the project’s catchment areas were exposed to be channels and skills for greater governance and increased access to service delivery.
The project built the capacity of assembly staff to increase communication, accountability, and revenue generation to enable them to provide the needed services in the communities.
Mr. Adams mentioned that selected assemblies visited the cities for knowledge exchange and sharing and developed citizen’s report cards to solicit feedback. About 1068 people were also trained under the project.
Another intervention was the establishment of client service unit within the assemblies to engage the public.
The Project Director said, “Through these interventions, we have impacted 59 communities with more than one million people”.
The Project Director expressed gratitude to the assemblies for making the project a success, adding, ‘We know that the benefits will continue to be with the people.”