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Sustainable Support for Agricultural Producers in Honduras

Published 01/03/2013 by Global Communities

Local producers pack a container of products for export to Canada. The products, snacks, jams and jellies, were produced by a women’s microenterprise in Ocotepeque in Western Honduras. This endeavor was supported and facilitated by CENOC.
The Business Enterprise Centre  of Ocotepeque (CENOC) in western Honduras was established by CHF as part of the USDA-funded Agri-business Production Connections Program (PROCONPRA) from 2005 to 2007.  The mission of CENOC is to promote the development of small producers through improved business management, production practices, marketing and strategic alliances with various stakeholders. Initially created by CHF, CENOC is now a fully independent and self-sufficient entity. The producers themselves maintain the direction and growth of the organization. Since 2007, CENOC has grown and now boasts a membership made up of 20 producers representing more than 1,000 people.
In addition to CENOC, CHF  led the organization and construction of the facilities the Regional Center for Business Links and Opportunities (CREON) in Goascorán, southern Honduras. Situated near the border area between Honduras and El Salvador, CREON offers farmers space for business and trade training, product storage, exhibits and fairs and information technology that can help link them to additional markets. Like CENOC, the center is owned and managed by the producers themselves. Currently, 17 member organizations representing more than 600 independent producers are working in a cooperative manner to promote sustainable development through CREON. The sustainability  of CENOC and CREON five years  after the program has closed, reaffirms that these efforts and investments to develop small producers have paid off.