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USAID Community Engagement Project: Enhancing the Resilience of Communities in Jordan

Published 01/15/2015 by Global Communities

USAID Community Engagement Project: Enhancing the Resilience of Communities in Jordan
The U.S. Agency for International Development Community Engagement Project (USAID CEP) is a three-year, $21-million project implemented by Global Communities in collaboration with Al Jidara and the Jordan River Foundation. USAID CEP builds cohesion and enhances the resilience of communities to address evolving challenges associated with regional volatility, domestic policy reform, economic conditions, and demographic changes. USAID CEP works with partner communities, Jordanian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community based organizations (CBOs), local governments, and the private sector at the grassroots level.
To learn more, read about some of the program’s recent success stories below.

Municipality of Ramtha: Working Hand in Hand with Communities
The recent influx of Syrian refugees has placed a significant strain on the Municipality of Ramtha and its ability to provide waste management services to the community. In particular, the inability of the municipality to keep up with trash collection was a great source of tension and discontent among the residents. Working together with the community, and with support from USAID CEP, theMunicipality of Ramtha implemented a plan to solve their sanitation problem. Read more here.

Community-Led Project Results in Safer School for Bseira Students
The location of the Bseira Mixed Primary School was both a blessing and a curse. The striking location, in the heart of a beautiful mountainous landscape, made the students vulnerable to accidents due to steep ravines, as well as the surrounding wildlife. With assistance from USAID CEP, theBseira community, along with the local government and businesses, join to together to build a fence to protect the playground and make improvements to the school grounds and surrounding area. Read more here.

Yehya and his Ambitious Journey
As a young man with a disability, Yehya felt hopeless much of time. He struggled to find employment that would utilize his talents and help give meaning to his life. Today, however, he is gainfully employed at a garment factory. Through a special leadership training for people with disabilities, Yehya found the help and support he needed to succeed and now has dreams for the future. Read more here.

Al-Seeleh Healthcare Center: Enhancing Medical Services for Local Communities
Already struggling to meet the needs of its patients, the Al-Seeleh Healthcare Center was put under even further strain to the influx of refugees and displaced people resulting from the Syrian conflict. With a grant from USAID CEP, residents working with the healthcare center staff and local government agreed to rehabilitate the center and enhance the basic medical services and equipment. As a result of the rehabilitation and improvements, the center is able to better serve the Al-Seeleh community and has also improved the workplace environment for the center’s staff. Read more here.

Bseira Nursery: Providing a Safe Environment for Children and Job Opportunities for Local Women
Before the Bseira Nursery opened, many working mothers in Bseira struggled to find a safe, affordable daycare option for their children. Unlicensed home nurseries, which were considered expensive and sometimes unsafe, were often the only option for these families. Through USAID CEP’s Rapid Grants initiative, the Bseira Charitable Association was able to establish a licensed child care and early childhood development center. At the same time, the nursery created job opportunities for qualified teachers and babysitters. Read more here.

“Hand in Hand for a More Beautiful Ramtha”
The recent influx of Syrian refugees has placed a significant strain on the Municipality of Ramtha and its ability to provide trash collection services to its community members. To help alleviate the trash issue, the municipality and community leaders launched the “Hand in Hand for a More Beautiful Ramtha” clean-up campaign. Nine schools and more than 500 students and teachers alone were mobilized to participate in the clean-up effort. The campaign has had a lasting impact, helping to change the way young people look at their surrounding and encouraging them to take pride in their neighborhood. Read more here.