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USAID Supports Joint Promotion Of Tara And Durmitor Regions

Published 02/29/2012 by Global Communities

USAID Supports Joint Promotion Of Tara And Durmitor Regions in Montenegro

USAID’s Economic Growth Project is supporting four northern Montenegro local tourism organizations to jointly promote their region at the Belgrade International Tourism Fair
PODGORICA  – The USAID Economic Growth Project is helping to support local tourism organizations (LTOs) from Pluzine, Zabljak, Pljevlja and Savnik to promote the tourism offerings of the Tara and Durmitor regions at the 34th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, Serbia. Through financial and organizational support, the project assisted the LTOs to design and rent a stand at the fair with the regional brand, as well as to design and print promotional folders for the region and its tourist attractions.
With its unique beauty and diversity, the north of Montenegro offers myriad opportunities for visitors to take part in outdoor and other active tourism activities, including rafting, mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing. Due to the small size and limited budgets of LTOs and many tourism businesses in the north, however, tourism service providers often don’t have the capacity to pursue major promotional efforts on their own. As a result, there is limited information available, and what is available is rarely updated.
Recognizing this gap, the USAID Economic Growth Project welcomed the initiative demonstrated by the four LTOs from the Tara-Durmitor region, who submitted to EGP an unsolicited proposal requesting support for their joint promotion of the region at the Belgrade Fair. The Belgrade fair is the biggest tourism fair in the former Yugoslavia, and this year it features 880 exhibitors from 46 countries. In addition to the exhibitors, those in attendance will include 60 foreign tour operators, and media and public relations agencies from 12 countries. This will provide the opportunity for Montenegrin exhibitors to promote their tourism offerings to Serbian travelers and to a broader audience outside the region as well. 
Support of the Pluzine, Zabljak, Pljevlja and Savnik local tourism organizations at the Belgrade Fair is  made possible through USAID’s Economic Growth Project, with the support of the American people, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project has been implemented since 2010 by CHF International and U.S.-based subcontractor RTI International, as well as several Montenegrin partner organizations.