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WFP Delivers Food to Desperate Families in Gaza (video)

Published 08/15/2014 by Global Communities

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and its partners launched a special food distribution in Gaza for 730,000 people who are not receiving food under other programs – in an effort to reach all conflict-affect people in Gaza with some form of food assistance.

Since 2004, Global Communities has partnered with the World Food Programme in Gaza to provide food security to vulnerable populations. This week, Global Communities and WFP resumed the regular July-August food distribution cycle. The distributions are normally spread out over a period of weeks, however, the current distribution cycle (delayed because of the Israeli air strikes on Gaza that began on July 7) is being completed rapidly as people are in an even greater need of food assistance.

In just the past three days, Global Communities staff in Gaza distributed nearly 1,638 metric tons of flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and dried chick peas to 10,961 households, benefitting 66,600 individuals. In addition to this regularly provided assistance, Global Communities (through WFP) and UNRWA have provided more than 70,000 people with special food parcels.

Learn more by watching the short video below.