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World Refugee Day 2015

Published 06/11/2015 by Global Communities

World Refugee Day 2015
It is hard to comprehend the figures – 11 million Syrians have fled horrifying violence, including more than four million who have crossed an international border and are now in Lebanon, Jordan, Türkiye and Iraq. These four million are among the nearly 18.1 million refugees around the world who often live without their basic needs being met, such as sufficient food, medical care, and shelter. But a focus on the figures masks the human story behind each person who has lost their home, their livelihood, and their sense of security. Many have lost family members and friends, and are in places that are having a hard time supporting the additional load of thousands of people.
In honor of World Refugee Day on June 20, we want to connect you to the human story by introducing you to people in Lebanon and Colombia. All have endured immense amounts of violence. All are trying to rebuild the life they lost.

Building a New Life in Lebanon – Iman’s Story
Iman, a refugee from Syria, had run out of money and options. Finding herself living in a unfurnished shelter with no running water and using a pair of old shoes as a pillow, she had little hope for the future. With a referral to Global Communities’ shelter assistance program in Lebanon, Iman has finally found a safe and supportive environment to live in. Read her story here.

Reclaiming their Communities in Colombia – Alfonso’s Story
Alfonso has spent most of his young life living in an environment of fear and mistrust. Drug traffickers, guerillas and paramilitary groups established reigns of terror in many rural communities driving out social organizations and displacing many people from their land. But slowly, he and his fellow residents are learning how to work together and trust each other to rebuild their community. Read his story here.

Finding Safety in Lebanon – Halima’s Story
Forced to escape fighting in Syria, Halima and her family fled for the safety of Lebanon. There they found themselves facing the same plights as so many Syrian refugees – unable to find adequate shelter. After a year of living in deplorable conditions in an abandoned farm shed with a polluted stream as their only water source, she and her family finally have the safety and peace of mind that they lacked for so long. Read her story here.

How can you help? Donate today. Your donation gives them hope. Through your support, we are able to meet the needs of the most vulnerable refugees and help them create a more stable life.
Want to know more? Learn how we are helping internally displaced Syrians, refugees and host communities in Syrian, Lebanon, and Jordan.