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Improving Socio-Economic Status of Women

Published 10/19/2016 by Global Communities

Project Concer International PCI Nicaragua under the Project Better Education and Health (MESA) implemented since July 2014, the initiative “Empowered Women”, in the municipality of La Concordia, Department of Jinotega, resulting in the formation of 4 groups with 37 mothers and an initial savings of Six hundred seventy cordobas (C $ 670.00).

To date, 11 groups have been formed in nine municipalities in the department of Jinotega, located in northern Nicaragua. In the municipality of Concordia (4); Yali (4), Bloodsucker (2) and Jinotega (1), with the participation of 120 members whom are mothers of children attending primary school.

These groups have in savings Eighty-six thousand eight hundred forty four cordobas (C $ 86,844.00) of which fifty-seven thousand nine hundred ninety-six cordobas (C $ 57,996.00) have been granted in 90 productive Loans to Members.

Women who make up the groups carry out income-generating activities such as raffles, selling products made by them and participation in municipal fairs. At the same time, they participate in educational talks Gender, Self-esteem, values, Importance of Education, has been vital for organizational development

PCI believe that women have the potential to achieve economic and social change that can transform their lives, their families and communities.