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Our 2015 Annual Report: Innovation for Impact

Published 04/13/2016 by Global Communities

Explore our 2015 Annual Report online.

2015 was the most successful year in PCI’s history as we helped transform the lives of more than 19 million people around the world and expanded our program reach.

Over the past year, we were a leader in the Ebola response in Liberia; kicked off our largest program ever in Malawi to improve agriculture yields and maternal/child health and nutrition in the most rural areas of the country; received a second round of funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in India to empower even more women to care for themselves and their families; and expanded programming in many other countries.

With our partners, PCI is advancing how we create, measure and scale meaningful change for lasting impact. We’re driving innovation that sustains real and measurable change in the lives of people who face the greatest needs. And, through rigorous measurement, we ensure that solutions can grow with communities and remain effective long after we leave.

Together, we are bringing real and sustainable change to families and communities – enhancing health, ending hunger and overcoming hardship around the world. Learn more in our 2015 Annual Report.